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EVC DSGN  is a project of a man and a woman, a stylist and a designer. It is a mix of a girl from the Polish mountains and a guy from the Polish seaside. It is an explosive mixture spiced up with three cats from a different dimension.

We’ve discovered this Polish fashion brand  some time ago and we love it so much, we think you’ll love it too! Their clothes are everything but dull or boring, and you can see and feel that there are some genuinly passionate people working behind the logo. As a result, you don’t get yet another factory-chain product, with the only concern being the lowest production cost. What you get instead are original, hand-made pieces designed with a genuine passion.

What’s also so appealing about this brand is their joy in making fashion fun and something to experiment with! Not to mention the website, which kind of looks like a comics or a computer game from the 90s 😉 we’re loving it!

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SWEET CRAFT are all about originally designed soft cotton fabrics. All paterns are a thought-out designs to form pieces you can mix and match. All products are designed to make sewing mainly a pleasure, and its end result a reason to make you proud! We’re loving the beautiful colours and patterns! Visit their shop to start your sewing fun! 🙂

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BÓG WIE CO  (GOD KNOWS) is a fashion and accessories brand that combines local production, quality and originality with elements of Christianity! 😉 According to the authors, the initiative came  mainly from the simple need of self-expression.  As a result we get a mix of the earthy and spiritual. God is no longer locked up in temples but becomes part of everyday life, available to everyone: practicioners and non-, atheists, agnostics, you name it! 😉

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VOOZEK (CART) is the answer to the lack of shops and cafes in the nearest proximity of the newly renowated Odra River embankments in Szczecin. Directly from the cart you can buy delicious non-alcoholic drinks and yummy freshly-made sandwiches, but you can also  read a newspaper, rent a board game, or simply talk to the friendly VOOZEK team! Forgot to mention an amazing selection of originally designed shopping bags with slogans appealing to every true Szczeciner! 😉

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OFF Marina authors PT1

NO WÓDKA is a concept store and gallery in Berlin promoting Polish art, fashion and design. The brand, to a great extent by its  name, tries to interact with the perception of Poland and its aesthetics. The very unique character of the place is quaranteed by the carefully selected products, both from well-known design studios and young creators, with the only selection criterion being the origanility of the idea and a high quality workmanship. We haven’t been there yet, but definately a next stop on the way!

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DIXIES ART MAKES YOU SMART is a website and brand created by Magda Kanty, a graphic designer from Szczecin. Her graphics are all about colours and mixing innocence and childhood cartoon characters with their not so innocent traits and appearences, everything embroidered with death symbols, such as the widely present skull. You can see her work here: 

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The designers of a Polish fashion brand NA LEWĄ STRONĘ describe their cooperation as controlled chaos, where the mix of different attitudes meet to complement one another! As a result, and  rather in a mischievious fashion, they decided to create yet another fashion brand on this crowded market. Believing in a concept of quickly-passing fashion trends, they experiment and change their designs and are not afraid to keep their brand fresh and updated. NA LEWĄ STRONĘ believes T-shirt has been more than just this for many years now,  becoming something of a way to self-expression!

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CRATEive produces furniture from crates formerly used to transport pieces of art. The style of each piece corresponds with whatever the crate had previously transported. CREATive seized its work in London but decide to move to Szczecin and here, in OFF Marina start creating for good.  The author is Bartek Stanny, a graduate of Art History in Birkbeck at University of London. Every piece seems to tell a story and it’s beautifully designed!

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OFF MARINA berlin-szczecin-warsaw

Yesterday we visited the first Design Day, the event that took place at OFF Marina, a new creative spot on the map of Szczecin. OFF Marina. in its present state, has been operating for less than a year now, but its history is definately much longer and goes back to the mid 19th century when it started as a recreational space for the King’s Colonel.

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Today, OFF Marina is a place for creative meets between freelancers, creative freaks and enterpreneurs on the Berlin – Szczecin – Warsaw route. OFF Marina is creativity locked in a post-industrial, historic building of over 1000m2 between the City Centre and the Pomorzany District, designed for culturral events, concerts, meets, and conferences.

Yesterday’s event not only met all the promised expectations, it definately exceeded it. The Showroom gathered creators working at OFF Marina and it was an amazing group of authors who used the space to present the end results of their enormous ardour of creation, energy and artistic creativity. From young fashion brands, furniture, and home design to great selection of  drinks, food and coffee – all created with passion and great energy you could feel everywhere! Here’s a picture relation captured by Julia 🙂 And on Wed  a detailed presentation of our favourites from the OFF Marina event! Stay tuned for more! 😉

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Helmut Newton Foundation is a place you should definately visit when you’re in Berlin! With as many as nearly twenty Newton’s exhibitions so far, now presenting helmut newton / alice springs: us & them and helmut newton: sex & landscapes collections, it has a permanent display of helmut newton’s private property. We visited last summer and it was an amazing, well-planned exhibitions, this year celebrating its 10th anniversary! Newton’s wife June, who is now the foundation’s president, chose to celebrate this date with the very two same combinations of his collections!

The photographer, commended to “commandeur de l’ordre des arts et lettres” by the french ministry of culture, was born and spent his first eighteen years in Berlin. During this time he completed apprenticeship with the portrait, nude and fashion photographer yva (else simon, neé neuländer) in berlin-charlottenburg.

He then moved to Australia, where he met his future wife June Browne (aka Alice Springs), who posed as a model for him. Extending his travels to Europe, he acquired a contract with british Vogue, then Australian edition after  returning there in 1957. After coming back to Paris he had an on-off full-time position contracts with French Vogue. June Newton joined her husband in the photographic adventure, and began her career as a photographer in 1970. Us & them is their joint exhibition – a photographic journal of their life together, often a very intimate portrait…

The exhibition sex and landscapes brings together large-format landscapes and nude photographs taken in black-and-white and color between 1974 and 2001.








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DRIES VAN NOTEN’s latest SPRING/SUMMER 2015 collection (watch below) introduces the best case for capturing the spirit of a dream-like state and returning back to nature – a collection where casual meets sublime meets cool.
The chirp of birds tweeting was the soundtrack to begin the show – perhaps a reminder of the real origin of the tweeting sound – the sound of nature, not technology.
The collection, clearly inspired by Everett Millais’s ‘Ophelia’, tells a story about an ethereal girl, a mossy carpet beneath her feet, the serenity around her, contrasted with colors and patterns of the signature Dries collection pieces – All effortless. All easy. All elegant.
Van Noten created beautiful images on the runway – the collection looked like a perfect combination of fun and calm, reflected in a patchwork, candy-coloured stripes and texture mix of luxe and raw. Trousers were slouchy, accompanied by transparent and loose dresses and shirts, and oversized blazers, all covered in colourful straps and patterns. It’s definately one of our favourite picks from latest Paris Fashion Week!

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