OFF MARINA berlin-szczecin-warsaw

Yesterday we visited the first Design Day, the event that took place at OFF Marina, a new creative spot on the map of Szczecin. OFF Marina. in its present state, has been operating for less than a year now, but its history is definately much longer and goes back to the mid 19th century when it started as a recreational space for the King’s Colonel.

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Today, OFF Marina is a place for creative meets between freelancers, creative freaks and enterpreneurs on the Berlin – Szczecin – Warsaw route. OFF Marina is creativity locked in a post-industrial, historic building of over 1000m2 between the City Centre and the Pomorzany District, designed for culturral events, concerts, meets, and conferences.

Yesterday’s event not only met all the promised expectations, it definately exceeded it. The Showroom gathered creators working at OFF Marina and it was an amazing group of authors who used the space to present the end results of their enormous ardour of creation, energy and artistic creativity. From young fashion brands, furniture, and home design to great selection of  drinks, food and coffee – all created with passion and great energy you could feel everywhere! Here’s a picture relation captured by Julia 🙂 And on Wed  a detailed presentation of our favourites from the OFF Marina event! Stay tuned for more! 😉

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