OFF Marina authors PT1

NO WÓDKA is a concept store and gallery in Berlin promoting Polish art, fashion and design. The brand, to a great extent by its  name, tries to interact with the perception of Poland and its aesthetics. The very unique character of the place is quaranteed by the carefully selected products, both from well-known design studios and young creators, with the only selection criterion being the origanility of the idea and a high quality workmanship. We haven’t been there yet, but definately a next stop on the way!

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DIXIES ART MAKES YOU SMART is a website and brand created by Magda Kanty, a graphic designer from Szczecin. Her graphics are all about colours and mixing innocence and childhood cartoon characters with their not so innocent traits and appearences, everything embroidered with death symbols, such as the widely present skull. You can see her work here: 

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The designers of a Polish fashion brand NA LEWĄ STRONĘ describe their cooperation as controlled chaos, where the mix of different attitudes meet to complement one another! As a result, and  rather in a mischievious fashion, they decided to create yet another fashion brand on this crowded market. Believing in a concept of quickly-passing fashion trends, they experiment and change their designs and are not afraid to keep their brand fresh and updated. NA LEWĄ STRONĘ believes T-shirt has been more than just this for many years now,  becoming something of a way to self-expression!

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CRATEive produces furniture from crates formerly used to transport pieces of art. The style of each piece corresponds with whatever the crate had previously transported. CREATive seized its work in London but decide to move to Szczecin and here, in OFF Marina start creating for good.  The author is Bartek Stanny, a graduate of Art History in Birkbeck at University of London. Every piece seems to tell a story and it’s beautifully designed!

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