SWEET CRAFT are all about originally designed soft cotton fabrics. All paterns are a thought-out designs to form pieces you can mix and match. All products are designed to make sewing mainly a pleasure, and its end result a reason to make you proud! We’re loving the beautiful colours and patterns! Visit their shop to start your sewing fun! 🙂

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BÓG WIE CO  (GOD KNOWS) is a fashion and accessories brand that combines local production, quality and originality with elements of Christianity! 😉 According to the authors, the initiative came  mainly from the simple need of self-expression.  As a result we get a mix of the earthy and spiritual. God is no longer locked up in temples but becomes part of everyday life, available to everyone: practicioners and non-, atheists, agnostics, you name it! 😉

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VOOZEK (CART) is the answer to the lack of shops and cafes in the nearest proximity of the newly renowated Odra River embankments in Szczecin. Directly from the cart you can buy delicious non-alcoholic drinks and yummy freshly-made sandwiches, but you can also  read a newspaper, rent a board game, or simply talk to the friendly VOOZEK team! Forgot to mention an amazing selection of originally designed shopping bags with slogans appealing to every true Szczeciner! 😉

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