Berlin Alternative Fashion Week was so much fun on Saturday! As an almost week-long true fashion experience, fashion shows held on the 4th October at Ewerk were proceded by some other amazing fashion events,  including  CINÉMA DE MODE (one of the most established fashion film events in Europe), or BAFW TALKS (an introductory evening of discussion and debate from artists, designers and journalists world wide). BAFW fashion shows, as promised, happened to be a fashion show experience like no other – showcasing some of the best, most unique talents worldwide. Underground, independent designers, often overlooked by the mainstream fashion world, are the ones who, not being constrained by any rules and able to put all their freedom in the designs, are a great source of inspiration for the more established fashion industry. And the place itself deserves not less attention – EWERK is a dynamic and artistic residential space where events of every description have been held, including the ones to celebrate the fall of Berlin wall! Visit for more info on the event and the designers!

Here’s a little photo relation from the event, hope you like it as much as we did 🙂